A label

“Le Phare des Rois” (The Lighthouse of Kings)

Cap Royal takes its name from the Royal d’Europe, the oldest lighthouse in the world. It was previously known as “The lighthouse of Kings” and today goes by the name of the Cordouan lighthouse. Situated on the Cape at the far end of the Médoc peninsula, Cordouan watches proudly over the Gironde Estuary.


Cap Royal shares deep rooted values with the Cordouan lighthouse such as authenticity and the intense beauty of something unique in which man and nature combine in order to create the exceptional. A true reference point for wine lovers.

An Encounter

Cap Royal is to Bordeaux what the Cordouan Lighthouse is to the Estuary:

– Strong values and a point of reference rooted in the diversity and choice of the world’s first AOC wine region.
– The history of the Compagnie Médocaine des Grands Crus and its close links with the world of fine wines.