A high quality Bordeaux wine


Going above and beyond all of the other wines in its category, CAP ROYAL offers a signature style and an expertise that is recognized by our partners throughout the world.


Cap Royal is the fruit of a unique culture and the respect for Bordeaux traditions.
Our Bordeaux Supérieur is aged in French oak barrels by Jean-René Matignon, an expert in the barrel ageing process. Barrel ageing lends Cap Royal its unique style and distinctive character.
The White Bordeaux is produced from 100% Sauvignon Blanc, the historical Bordeaux varietal, which gives it its remarkable freshness.

Quality meets pleasure

Cap Royal is a reflection of the skills and expertise involved in its long and demanding production process, from the selection of the batches right through to the final blending stage.
Our aim is to share our passion with you and allow you to experience the rare intensity of this moment of tasting pleasure.

Did you know?